Host a Training

Host a YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP Basic Training at your facility and earn free tuition for your yoga teachers and group fitness staff. For every 10 participants registered, get another free registration.

Who Does What?

All YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP Instructor Training Courses are organized and offered through parent company, Wild Abundant Life.

We handle all program registrations and will supply promotional materials such as flyers, postcards and copy for email blasts upon request.

Courses are taught by Certified Wild Abundant Life YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP Training Specialists who have completed extensive training and logged hundreds of hours teaching the proven Yoga Body Bootcamp class format to live students.

Host Venue and Wild Abundant Life will both actively market the Instructor Certification Event to ensure enough participants (10 minimum) to run the event.

Terms for Hosting Instructor Certification

  • There is no fee to the facility to host an instructor training.
  • There is no money exchange between a hosting facility and YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP/Wild Abundant Life.
  • There is no monthly fee for a facility to use the YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP name, as long as the instructors have been trained by YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP and maintains a current certificate.
  • Instructor Training Courses are scheduled a minimum of 6 weeks in advance. Example: Reserve date in September for December training course. However, more notice is preferred.
  • Host facility will receive one FREE YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP Instructor Training registration for an individual after 10 registrations are earned. This individual should be available to help with: set up before, registration in the morning, and break down at the end of the day, plus any other facility needs during the instructor training day. The TRAINING SPECIALIST will register this individual as “free.” This individual does not register online.
  • Host facility will receive additional FREE registrations for individuals of Host Facility’s choice for every additional 10 participants enrolled.
  • The TRAINING SPECIALIST will provide the facility with a flyer to distribute. Host facility must help in marketing the instructor training by networking with local and regional contacts, facilities, gyms, as well as area instructors.
  • A group discount is available for 10 or more attendees for instructor training courses. Attendees must register all at once to receive the group discount. Work with your TRAINING SPECIALIST to arrange this group rate. All group registrants go through the TRAINING SPECIALIST, not the online registration. Individuals not in the group will register for the instructor training online.
  • YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP reserves the right to cancel any instructor training up to 7 (seven) days of the training date due to extenuating circumstances that may arise or if there is a lack of interest/registrants.
  • Once a host has committed to a training date, the host is expected to make every effort to hold the event as scheduled. In extenuating circumstances, if the host is unable to provide the stated facility, the host will provide YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP with an alternative venue of equal size in the local area.
  • The TRAINING SPECIALIST will run all the processes. All registrations and money are handled through Wild Abundant Life and the YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP website. However, the TRAINING SPECIALIST will need an active Group Exercise/Yoga Director (or some contact person at the facility) to help with marketing, set up, making sure all processes run smoothly, etc.