Get Certified

Get certified to teach Yoga Body Bootcamp and join over 300 instructors who have taken the leap in the program that’s sweeping the nation!

Yoga Body Bootcamp by Deborah Williamson (Founder, Wild Abundant Life & Wild Kauai) is an exciting and dynamic yoga + metabolic training experience, delivered in 60 powerful minutes of sweat and serenity.  While challenging, Yoga Body Bootcamp can be modified or amplified for any age group, fitness level or special population. See Open Training Dates Here.

Who Can Train to Teach Yoga Body Bootcamp?

YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP Certification is an all day total immersion for those who want to teach and even for those who just want to continue their education.

While a yoga teacher training or personal training certification may prove helpful, neither are required to attend Yoga Body Bootcamp Basic Training Certification.

Those with no previous experience teaching group fitness or working with clients in yoga or personal training find that teaching YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP is a great entry into teaching, and we often see them come back to do a full 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training or Personal Training Certification after offering YBB in their area.

What Does Certification Entail?

Certification Day is a full 8 hours with lots of hands-on teaching experience, as well as an immersion into the science of Yoga Body Bootcamp (how and why it works).

At the end of the day, you’ll be tested on what you learned, and be awarded your certificate electronically soon after.  You will be certified to teach with no further licensing required.

YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP training is offered in an environment of extraordinary standards. A total immersion in which you and your peers will demand more of yourselves and each other than anyone could reasonably expect – and grow more than you could ever imagine.

It is an opportunity to learn how to meld the perfect blend of bootcamp exercise knowledge and the spirit of yoga into your teaching style. It is an exclusive opportunity to grow, connect, and contribute to your overall growth as a teacher and as a person.

As Shakespeare said: “You know who you are, but know not who you could be.”

How Can I Prepare For Training?

We will give you all necessary materials for training on arrival.  Just show up!  See open training dates below.