What is Yoga Body Bootcamp?

YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP is the revolutionary new yoga-metabolic training hybrid recently featured in Yoga Journal & Cosmopolitan Magazine.

“Mind blowing, body shifting, life changing…”

Imagine a combination of Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and Survivor adrenaline mixed with the inner stillness of yoga and you’ll have an inkling of the flavor of YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP – one ever-evolving work-out that will blow your mind AND body.

Crazy fun combined with yoga asana, fitness bootcamp stations and a whole new brain chemistry. Instead of the runner’s high, we’ll explore the different brain-wave states.

This new 60 minute class is now available for certification & licensing world-wide. Once certified, instructors are licensed to teach the class anywhere they please.

Science & Design (Not Your Average Bootcamp)

photo (3)YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP program was devised from Creator, Deborah Williamson’s 30 years in both yoga and fitness, and uses the art and science of yoga to educate students on harnessing the power of the parasympathetic nervous system to allow the following:

  • working with intensity vs. effort
  • calming of the nervous system
  • speedier recovery in the body (during the class, and in the days following)
  • lessening of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline

As a result, students not only experience an amazing mind-body release, but also achieve amazing physical results in a very short time.

YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP Instructors (Basic Trainers) learn several class formats in instruction certification in order to consistently offer fresh, fun and functional programming.  No two YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP classes are ever alike.

Learn more about certification, how to host a training or look for a class near you!